What We are All About

People seek spirituality in life, but often they are not led to the church. They seek faith, but feel the church offers only dry tradition. We must find a way to bridge the gap between the pews and the street, between Sunday morning and the workweek. We need to look at alternative programs and relevant worship that fills humanity’s greatest need, the need for God. The church must go out into the world to help, to heal, to share the good news of God’s love.

The church must reach out into the world with its members in love.  We as the people of God find our great joy in being God’s hand and feet in this world.

“We are called to live a life centered in Christ.”

Bethany is here to help us to love God and one another.  It is also here so that we can reach out to the world around us.  All that we do here is so that we might fulfill these two greatest commandments of our Lord; love God and love neighbor.  That’s what it means to be, as the first line of our mission statement reads:  “We are called to live a life centered in Christ.”