Easter Pastries Info

Preorder your rolls to have ready for you Easter morning! These are all fresh and freeze great for later use. ALL profits will go to pay for all kids thru High Schoolers to go to the Bethany Beach Blast in September! Can you help our youth and have delicious rolls in your freezer??

Veggie Herb Rolls: These taste like turkey stuffing and Thanksgiving! They have carrots, celery, onions, sage, thyme and buttermilk in them. They are very hearty, terrific with a bowl of soup for dinner, or with cheese as a sandwich. $10 per dozen.

Golden Squash Crescent Rolls: These are super light and fluffy roll made with homegrown butternut squash. They have a lovely golden color from the squash, but taste only like fluffy butter! Super yummy! Again, these are great for a dinner side, Or just great as a snack warmed up. $11 per dozen.

Almond Crescent Rolls: These are a very rich, eggy roll that is filled with butter, sugar and sliced almonds. They are rolled up and glazed with an almond flavored frosting and a dusting of more nuts. This is a Swedish recipe…and those Swedes know how to make a yummy pastry. I have some that have been in my freezer over a year and are still yummy to pull out and thaw one at a time! $13 per dozen

Blue Ribbon Cinnamon Rolls: As the name indicated, these have won a number of blue ribbons at the State Fair! Again, these freeze really well. We will not frost them, but instead give you a little container of frosting to put on as you like. These come in many way, just be specific as to what you like. You CAN mix up and say get 1⁄2 dozen plain, and 1⁄2 dozen with nuts and/or raisins $13 per dozen.

These will be baked the day before Easter and ready for you to pick up Easter morning. If you will not be there Easter, let us know and we will freeze them for you. Please make checks out to Bethany Presbyterian Church and give order to Jody Jones, or Alana Mapes.