We are glad you are interested in us. Our family of faith finds its center in the good news of Jesus Christ. We seek to encourage one another in the challenges and the joys of life. Come join us in the adventure of the Christian faith!

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Sunday Schedule

9 AM – Sunday School (Sept-May)
10 AM – Celebration Worship Service
11 AM – Coffee & Fellowship

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Our new logo

We have a new logo. It represents Bethany’s history, its present, and its future. It is a contemporized version of our roofline as well as a stylized representation of the Cascade mountain range, signifying our long-standing ties to the community and region. Central to the logo is the empty cross representing our faith in the risen Christ. The double roofline invokes a multi-generational feeling of “covering” and a sense of belonging to God’s family, while the clean lines and minimalist overall design evoke a fresh sense of purpose as we face the future.

Recent Sermons

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